The Gaymer Geek

I love almost every single videogame, I'm a huge fan fo TLOZ, KH, Pokemon, RE, SH, FF, and a lot more; I love to read comic books, watch movies and hang out with my friends, everything should be funny and acceptable, and yes I love Men, but most of all I love my BF...


digikairi asked: I would like victini! :D Sorry I keep sending you everything in an ask, I haven't figured out how to properly use tumblr still, so I didn't know how to reply to the post xD;;

Don’t worry, for trade I have: Kyogre, darkrai, arceus, Victini, rayquaza, ho-oh, and kyurem


digikairi asked: Oh my goodness yes! Thank you so much too! You just made my whole day! :D

Anytime you need a rare one, let me know, I have a lot of pokemon I’ve played since red/blue